Cool Cool Summer

by FreshGalaxy x Zachg

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Do you know how long it takes for the earth to rotate once on its axis completing a single cycle of light and dark? It takes 23 hours 56 minutes and 9 seconds. Not 24 hours. Who the fuck decided to call it a day, and why the fuck are they still fooling you?

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released March 2, 2012

Beats: FreshGalaxy
Raps: Zachg
Mix/Master: Zachg
Artwork: Zachg



all rights reserved


Zachg Honolulu, Hawaii

Rad Reef is Rad Reef.

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Track Name: 23
Aww damn let the eagle out on em
Sayin aww damn do the seagull all on em
Aww damn let the whale out on em
Aww man the whale out on em

Fresh sheets
Grapefruit juice fresh squeezed
A tall pastis
Limeade with mint leavs
This some cool fresh shit
And even at my poorest bet I'm still fresh dipped
$5 j crew chambray button down
Look brand new till I I stain it up and rock it now
Zachg aint really bout shit
I brush and floss my teeth on some religious shit
Man I clean my ears on some religious shit
Bet I trim my nails on some serious shit
Be about personal hygiene
Cause when we up close gross in the way of what I mean
Feel me?
Fools actin like the ego be the I D
Okay bro fine by me
Get your girl like play doh
And I mash it up
In the guts like gak
And I'm crackin up
Broward on my back mack splack it up
She yell out call me kriss kross then she back it up
And bet I lap it up after
Girl squirt
I aint a actor yeah I really like you
Why you think I'm cookin french toast
Berry compote
1 + 1 makes one what that bed do
It unite us
What that sex do
Bind tie combine and if we mad unfight us
On the beat and the mic dog I am patty and linus
With the shackleton blood
Whale in the ocean and an the ocean rise up
Hit the porch it flies up
cause I am the shit
But with fleas on my nuts
But fuck a mangie bitch
And let a ho eat a dick
With a sausage
Aint that ironic

Aww damn let the eagle out on em
Sayin aww damn do the seagull all on em
Aww damn let the whale out on em
Aww man the whale out on em
Keep on it.
Track Name: Hours
I'm the man
homie chillin in this cool summer
You the shit
Homies plugs, runners, and growers
All we know is hustle hard
Live righteous go harder
Laughin Off the plank where it's shark infested walk on water
Be like fuck another death
I keep on hearin patience but I can't hold my breath
Carry my soul over continental breadth
Got sick of all this waitin plus this smoke up in my chest
Got me never hesitatin
Aint no dice when I bet
I shuffle hard with no deck
Pull out patience and rep
Ball like crumpled foil
New soil
Old seeds
Raw oil
Unpasteurized cream
Orgasm that's cream
Ectolpladsm that's cream
Bust up in a ghost abd make a baby I can't see

I could only be me but you insist I'm whatever
So ok I'm whatever
Like uh huh yeah that too
All your tears is tattoos
Shoutout left leberra
Cause that was left left leberra
Ahnemal rebel areb yeah that left leberra
True speed
True document the film righteous
True heros true quills true papyrus
52 mummies in my closet young your highness
With the dust to prove it
Take unseen and move it
Wizard within moments upon planet makin movements
Buildin speed

Gather momentum

Buildin speed

Gather momentum

Buldin speed

Gather momentum
Track Name: 56
I got love in my heart but it's a tough game
Endless with the art but it's a tough game (tough game tough game tough game tough game)
Don't remember when you start it's a tough game
Who gon duff you for your part in this tough game
How you figure who's your friend in this tough game
At the mercy of the wind in this tough game

Real message
But who the real messenger
Where the fuck it comin from
Truth of the matter
Is the large hydron collider
Aint the only thing stuntin
With insane implications
Urchins in the water man the beach aint no vacation
I'm gon keep sayin
All the truth I know
All finished lactatin
Man my kids all grown
Kinda long in the tooth
But it don't really show
And all the talk that I hear
Well man it don't really show
All this talk like you cold but you can't stand in the snow
Real Gs see you melt that
Ice cold
Ice cold
Don't melt that
Ice cold
Ice cold
Don't melt that
Ice cold
Ice cold
don't melt thaat
Shackleton flow
Don't melt that
Been low eye to eye with a wombat
Womp womp womp
Boy broward where the bomb at
Bay where I bomb at
Everglades raised man wild is the format
We in the house sucka nothin but a doormat
Never comin in I got a floral hat
And a couple other hats too
Only one white
But they all say good guy
Fuck a bad guy
Rad reef teal peace
Whale to a shark in the water like you feel me?
Keep on it.
Track Name: Minutes And
Pussy bout to ruin me
That's ok I study archaeology
Gettin better for the worse
No worse for the wear
Couple more years more curls in my hair

Young tuttenkamen

She brought her pussy to the party
My dick left with her pussy on it
Somethin saucy
Laid back cuttie
Ridin round like what you wanna do
Iono boy what you wanna do
Ok alright girl I 'll tell you what we do
Hang a left cruisin A1A
Hit the thrifts on a splendid day
Came up hard
Steve reich wax
Ludwig drums
And some flat front slacks
I can't help it automatic with the mack
Drop the token step back and the tickets just stack
Sionara from the chelsea hotel
Writin oin the walls while my pen in your ink well
Whisperin the pictures of your dreams till you sleep well
You got pleasures? Put em out when you speak girl please do tell
Precise with the dick on that william tell
So you Just say the word and I will I will
Get with it
Get up in it
And if you put it down you know I pick up oin that rhythm

Like ungh



Times infinity
Coochie in your pants is my affinity
Slim body fat dick make memories
Tell me when I hit it and the spot a close friend to me
We stay in contact
Like 321 contact
Mad energu hit it frim the way back
Rock it till you can't front
Swimmin in the pussy gimme one hand up
One hand out
Grindin for this don't wnat no hand out
Grind hard livin foot to mouth
Not a bright star
But I got the shine to blow the whole frame out
In that super panoramic
Talkin all time
Earth-wide panoramic
Shrimp on the grits catfish on the sandwich
Do the shit double like I also rap left-handed
Plain paper till the graph crash landed
Bound by the grid buncha numb genies tryin to wish on aladdin
Check the technique
Peep the teal of this peace
Track Name: 9 Seconds
I'm jus a simple man
But a couple small desires take elaborate plans
Path that I took ran short on flowers and friends
The bad stacks up while the good all spends
Runnin through my past cause I needed hell to endc
Livin in the present cause I don't want it to end
Pain on my face cause I refuse to pretend
Shooters gon shoot
Spinners gon spin
Time gon pass and the endings gon begin
but so is new beginnings
Bigger than a crystal ball tells you
Smells a crystal ball don't smell you
Chased out beat down dragged out
Held in can't live can't win
Can't lose might as well be a highlander
Lost so hard motherfuckers can't find me
Cause first I gotta find me

Hello to the new fakes
Hello to the old hate
I see the names rotate behavior don't change
Everywhere I go I hit the same walls
Everytime I trip it's off the same pitfalls
Surrounded by the same lames walkin outta different malls
Closet so large but your soul so small

who do I trust
If those who I trust wind up to be the reason that I can't trust

I don't want too much all I need is enough
But everywhere I look another scene full of stunts

who do I trust
If those who I trust wind up to be the reason that I can't trust