Whole Tushie

by Zachg

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It's about being living a life where you use art to compensate for what the "real world" refuses to give you. And eventually the "real world" capitulates because you put so much into the art.

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released November 11, 2016

Everything you hear is the work of Zachg.
Mastered by William Ryan Fritch.



all rights reserved


Zachg Honolulu, Hawaii

Rad Reef is Rad Reef.

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Track Name: Sky Low Fruit High
I'll admit it I was drug dealing
I'll admit it I was cold heart feeling
But warm heart wanting
What's a hole to a pocket
What's a man if he never really break

Under sun where the sky hang low
But the fruits way high and the trees don't grow
Where every door open or every door closed
And everybody goin so the goin way slow

I'll admit it I'm the man of the hour
I'll admit it I ain't in that hour
I was ready when the wave was a cloud
I'm still bout it I ain't askin how

I see you lookin through that telescope
You see me livin in a shroud of smoke
I see you lookin with your lookin ass
Born in Coral Springs say you from Brooklyn ass


I'm mr first place whatever I ain't really give a fuck
I'm mr worst case what up now I invented this luck
I'm bout to ball let the word down I been holdin it up
And if it fall and it's broken that just open it up

And the arm will be in place
And the head will be in place
And the leg will be in place
When you are born
And the arm turn to a place
And the head turn to a place
And the leg turn to a place
When you move on

I'm just a boy from a small town
I Turn round head back to my small town
But not without what I came for
make a bitch pay and I bet the work pay more

First things first I'm puttin switches on the hearse
Second things first boy I'm dyin off this curse
Stay wet I be drinking
Water I be thinking bout my next drink

Next drink

Ten toes
Down on the nose
What you know bout that
Surfer rosa flow
Dog it's gigantic
Dog it's gigantic
Dog it's gigantic
It's really big


I'm mr first place whatever I ain't really give a fuck
I'm mr worst case what up now I invented this luck
I'm bout to ball let the word down I been holdin it up
And if it fall and it's broken that just open it up
Track Name: No Internet In Heaven
They still ain't got no internet in heaven
They still ain't got no internet in heaven
Oh no

I'm dumping blood like I'm peelin off the old me
Standing tall dripping down I got low feet
I be like hold my head high that ain't no thing
Cause I got married to this life my word a gold ring

I ain't takin bout shit the damn words how i do
I could be the whole world but nah dog I'm cool
They done beat your boy down but like a Jew I ain't through
I could beat all y'all ass but then I'd be like you

Ungh I'm a bad man
But I wanna do go good don't wanna be that
So I beat myself up like I'm batman
Christian Bale in Chinese prison protect me from that man

Sometimes life a trap
Sometimes it's trap or die
That's a common lie
But dog I lived that life
Sleep with one eye over my shoulder
Not enough to just be open
Gotta be knowin why you smokin
Gotta know where to hide cash
Gotta purchase them small bags
If they call you gon call back
in the back of your mind
you gon ask if they Lyin
When you look in the mirror you gon see how you die
And you won't change your ways and you'll just curse at your eyes

When I was just a boy I loved the trash man
When I be in my ways dog it just happen
Track Name: Fun All Day
35 years and I'm off that page
All the good ways was dead ends and graves
And all the bad ways just days after days
Of same old same don't play get played

I'm whippin MOVIN and I feel good
I'm actin stupid cause I still could
Like what's the difference if you set it and forget it
Poppeil pimpin I been flexin and remembering

Yeah this is all facts
Got kidnapped at 2
Cuffed up at 8
Griselda Blanco want my whole family lyin in graves
I been bit by a dolphin
And a brown recluse
Lonely and homeless hit by a Subaru
Lone wolf in every moment what's a mammal
to do

I want that fun all day
I'm bout that fun all day

Stepping over cities like I'm stay pufft
Yeah that real puff daddy fillin cakes up
Makin money for my childrens off the capers
But Clean I could prove it with the pay stubs

I cleared the forest where they built it from the ground up
I bred the strains that they brag about they smoke on
I paved the way but I don't wait for no crowd
I made decisions now I’m livin em out

I keep it movin keep it pro and profound
It aint no losin if you owning the grounds
It ain't no pushin if you ownin the town
Weavin through the streets but all they heard was the sound

Aint know my skin just a fleece Ain't know my face not a cloud
Swore it was proper complete just 20 grams in that ounce
Like dog don't trust what you see If you just lookin around
Cause things just ain't what they seem that's what I'm talking about

Track Name: Bout To Give It
I'm bout to give it to the front of the house
Front of house could you hold it down
Im bout to give it to th back of the house
Back of house could you turn it out


Hold this water and pour that water
Hold this water and pour that water
Hold this water and pour that water
Everybody know it's 20 pennies on a fuckin dollar

Oh shit don't fire shit
Oh shut don't fire shit
Oh shit don't fire shit
Sloth seat 7 chef hold that dish

Who's the last one in the walk in
Who's the last one in the walk in
Who the last one in the walk in
Yeah it's the one warm talking

This one say he need some more ketchup
This one say he need some more ketchup
This one say he need some more ketchup
Same motherfucker ain't touch no ketchup

Lemme see ya side work now
Lemme see ya side work now
Lemme see ya side work now
Ain't nobody goin home till the whole place turned out

Awe damn go on play that game
Awe damn go on play that game
You bout to catch these hands once the bill get paid

Cold station gettin hot
10 walkin in
And that's 20 all day
Dog do that shit
Lord of the line
Like a ruler kid
Track Name: Nine Five Four
I'm taking on water but I'm floating to death
Last time sinking I was holdin my breath
Learned to keep faith lighting candles in the wet
At the bottom of the ocean gettin better you bet

If ignorance is bliss that explains the flames
This a hell of a truth but imma make my way
I be passin up loot like lions passin up hey
But I be doin my do and I will do it for pay
Say I'm just a poor boy from a small town
Break my back to not stay down
I don't take no shit and I don't lay down
Cause all i fuckin got is what I do and what I say now

That's my bond and my word

Everything I want I say ok now
I say I get it how I want the only way now
Forget about what's gone cause it ain't now
Bunch of dark grey future when you pained out

That's why the good times what I paint bout

I was clean as fuck when I was down and foul
swim against the current like I'm ready to drown
As the world turned round I burned a hold through the ground
Sellin the drugs and touching all of these towns
Ain't my first time living older than you would guess
And the snorkel be the line from the sky to the chest
I'm a surf swimming boy from where the land all wet
I don't sail no boat but I'm on sea legs

I'm yelling 954 they like he can't count
Real recognize real is all I talk about
Track Name: Larry David (The Human Spectacle)
Long time coming is an understatement
Understated un enunciated
like long time coming plus a decade or two
Plus a few more years
Plus wait right here
Oh can you call back?
Sorry there's no budget
The plug quit
If you can do it on spec there's opportunities coming
There was an overwhelming amount of qualified applicants but you weren't chosen
They ain't gettin you hired cause they just got fired
That's the way that it goes

The shape of the road
The burp out loud that I blame on a toad
But I bet you can't tell me where the blame goes
So it says in the air this is a juggling game
This is some passion like Christ I am Jewish
This is Larry David the spectacle who’s still so human

It ain't tragic if you laughin
It ain't ever gonna matter to an atom next up to get split in a bomb
I used to live in a desert but I never owned a bong
I used to sell weed
I used to sell hash
I used to sell wax
When you grow up in Florida you ignore the law
Ignorant as shit a real smart ass
Put my mind where I wanna cause I do what I want
Had a lot of jobs with bosses where I said fuck you boss
I am guilty as charged of being flawed like a man
But striving for perfection
Sticking hard to my beliefs till I am so damn alone in a distant dimension where the lonely have no reflection

I am the only living boy in the Internet
I am the only living boy in the web
I am
I am
Track Name: In The Wild With Clothes On
Hard luck real bad so my head thick
Layin down in a bed with a bad bitch
Bootie mad big doin Magic
Dirt dog in the Pusey goin mad max with this rad dick

Lights camera wet hit the action
Wave way big ain't no way we actin

Dick game that's tubular
Rhyme style that lucifer
Plant it in the Pussy Peter piper what this tubar for
Get down
Like gettin wild
in the Coochie in a two door
Couped up what the roof for
Got it ooped up like a food floor
And I be running my mouth
Since I been food poor
Talk that shit like I eat off it

Boots way big this a tall hat
Ain't a gallon it's a cistern
Boss man with the blisters
Touching work I be limping like my hip hurt
Plot way thick in the mix be a whisper

I float and I bend
I move in the wind
I'm the word you can't pronounce
write it down find out it don't end

Im the smoke in the mirror that you can't see
I'm the bond in the word that you can't speak

I'm the truth that you liars run and hide bout
I'm the light that you shine when the lights out

I pray for time but I ask no god
I look so far and I'm so far gone
Cause it ain't no I
And it ain't no song
I live in the wild but I got clothes on
Track Name: Citipati Bandit Killa
I'm off that oh no
Watch me take my time
I'm touching road
I could go all night
And when it fold
You know I flip on dimes
Flip on mine

Make it stop
Make it start
Make it stunt one time
Swingin from slow vines

Accused of Tarzan crimes
They swear they see a man flesh
And want them man tricks
But I transcend that damn flesh
Like some citipati bandits

Left me bone handed
Rippin through the damage like damn what's real
Wanna see bananas peeled
I go gorilla for deals
Consume the whole tree like that's a well-rounded meal

I be around for the flavor cause I roll with the spice
I be the game and the player and the field what's nice
I keep it real all life like I was born eatin pie
Four hundred twenty hash birds take me to the sky

All they
Thats comin
Track Name: Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Oh I'm bad
Oh I'm bad

Say oohh how you do
Stay perplexing like a platypus do
Amass moves
Don't ask no who's who
Cause the do need doin
Ain't you glad I came through

Hop to it
Ballin on fluid
Cause walkin on water that's a outdated movement
Who is this doin dirt like a broken Rick
Grimes with the robo grip
Dunkin when he holdin it
Movin through a storm of shit
Stop and smell the roses it's a fuckin funk tournament

I could laugh when I get it that's a true pimp
I been hit with a Subaru that's true limp

You wasn't at the party with the not guilty cake
You wasn't in the picture till it filled up with fakes
You wasn't in the glacier when it melted to a lake
First time you seen it cause the line full of lames
We was in there
We was Building rap
But like menswear just a corner in the back
Cornering the market on takin it back

I get upside down
From the underground
Let it all out
Cause the movin what I'm bout
Let the money find me
Imma find a new town
Track Name: Somebody Gon Get Bit
I was buckin in the middle of the club no AC body so big paid to parade by Macy's
Made my way in life found out it be like a maze be
been so high wide and low
That Nothing amaze me

Nothing amaze me

No time for hasty
Commited like a villain
Felon with two strikes two wifes two children
I'm in the building like the cash in walls
Undercover currency don't show at the mall
I'm a one man band
With two murderous hands
I say I kill it if it touch
Cold computer commands
Record went pewter I dance
Sippin on newts and salamanders swimming in juice in a can
Summarize a universe in a grain of sand

I just let the shadows dance and be still now
I been screwed a bunch of times im the drill now
Face stone cold like I'm Franklin on the bill now
Represent that real town represent that real town

What's some words to a legend who still living in flesh
What's a threat to a ghost who make reality bend
If you really moving work then you don't know when it end
Just pray your body get home before your soul give in

Did yall get bit
Did someone you know get bit
Track Name: Live & Forgive
Some say don't go back
I say what's control
Some stay on your back
And some stay on they toes
Fake ones they gon take somethin
And I know I got to learn
But what's the point of being in the world if you can't be insecure
Games without no risk
That's practice
Life without no snakes
That's safe
And that ain't where life take place

It we livin then we asking for forgiveness
I done struggled in life and I don't know why