sonTER MASic

by Zachg

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released March 9, 2012



all rights reserved


Zachg Honolulu, Hawaii

Rad Reef is Rad Reef.

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Track Name: Master of Drum Sounds
808 watch
808 clockj
808 sundial
Look at my socks
808 lean
808 roll
808 reptilian mind control
808 suspect
808 profile
808 lineup you aint guilty but you most vile
808 customer
808 shopping
808 caught you with the popcorn popping
808 waiter
808 restaurant
808 food journey
808 flavornaut
808 coffee
808 tea
808 burning the herpes got fleas

909 carbon
909 dust bowl
909 highway
909 carnival

MPC gameshow
MPC network
MPC summertime crewneck sweatshirt

SPS gallon
SPS teaspoon
SPS panties but they was straight see through

Fairlight star map
Fairlight compact
Fairlight shopping cart posted where the shopping at

SP12 Gummie Bears
SP12 Gargamel
SP12 hunchback chillin in the citadel

ASR spoiler
ASR roll cage
ASR bad boy speed demon front page

LINN Drum carpenter
Linn Drum catapult
Linn Drum potbelly short haired animal
Track Name: Master of FTs
Is it because I'm unpaid
Unlovable in ways
I've yet to discover
Underneath this skin is there something other
Than what I see
That everybody sees
That I don't see
Cause I don't see
Why the fuck I can't cease
Fuckin up my life
Or livin this fucked up life
Its like I'm haunted by these other mes
All of which bring suffering
I live detached and all this buttering is breadless
The buffering of positivity assailed by negative relentless
But still my wings aint spreadless
My flight is endless ancient spirit on a lite body waitin for that big gust
live must
Die might
Long days
Short nights
I saw a pterodactyl in flight
that's how far I get in the future
Before the loop turn back again
You don't see me I lack sutures
Seamless for the execution
Sippin on that potent tincture salomon of fruit and fruitin
All over the track
And in life too
But man my knee and my back
They aint the same as they was
If you see me you might mistake me for a player or pimp
I been hit with a subaru and now I walk with a limp
But I still hold my head high
Aint no foot to mouth I'm already starvin started runnin till I pass out
All this rage got me gassed and man I mash out
For bein pure being right bein willin to fight
Already laid down my life to stand on myself
To reach this higher ground
But everything the same you go up to get down

Kill myself to live right
because this phoenix in my blood don't know day from night
Victory from defeat
It's just endless rebirth
Like its pete and pete and pete and pete...


I think I'm lee perry king tubby/
Dubbed out space bitch bumpin gettin record money
Old moves new school/
Still trickin cause the scantron a damn fool/
Real raps real man behind the mic my tool
don't bang or leave marks
My words go sonic boom and de-complete marks
I get you all more open like I don't smoke I dab hard
Let the hi hat bark (open hat)
I take rappin back to rap these rappers micin they farts
Fools all hypnotized by that red glass heart
But I got that kinski fitzzcaraldo swag
Carl winslow friendly smile zippin up the bidy bag
Rappers all just phony mad I'm pissed I'm off that fuck you man
Bust down walls battering ram
Track Name: sarangi.
Track Name: Zachg with special guest Left Leberra - Master of Solitude
Rain pours down
Living Bodies sing out sad souls
Never thought I'd see the day when I'd be this let go
This outta rome
Doin what I do
Turnin earth back to home
I'm in this boat
I ride this flood out
Look out on the ocean
What's gon be left when low tide gets to rollin
I aint seen nobody in years but I'm grindin I aint copin
This that long and pregnant moment
Before real life meet the motive
Before everything is focused
I can't tell is from not
Lifeline in a knot

I'm breathin easy
But my heart aint beatin

I gaze over these passengers arranged two by two
Lion kissin a lion
Giraffe necked up on a giraffe
2 kukaboros perched on the brim of my hat
And my face so stern under laughing birds
Became a solitary human just to master the word
Aint no noah on this ship
I'm the only one in this bitch
And every social bone in my body just creak then hear crickets

Can't live this life without being alone
Can't live this life without being alone
But I aint ever ask for the solitude

The mountains all dissolved
Back into the sea
The sea all rose up
And swallowed eveybody but me
Now I get so little outta sleep
Can't remember my dreams
Die everytime I try to figure out
How the stakes all got so deep

(then come Left Leberra's lyrics)
Track Name: Master of the Unknown Handshake
They yellin stop but they aint hatin loud enough
Yall bout to see this bill bixby turn lou ferigno tough
Belt on my waist 9 in my zipcode/ trigger finger in a deuce don't mean that I don't know the pistol

Poly unadulterated test this and get hella faded
Godzilla evaporated
All these bad guys copperplated
Wax and they iutdated
I am so focused
Straight from the sun with this hocus pocus
Yeah real rap wizard you aint notice
I made a new sun new millenium
Fuck it I pull up in the mazda millenia
Like I don't give a fuck you just a monster with your panties bunched up

Alright I'm back again
But somehow I never left
Chill so hard man my back got a cleft
Cause my spine on sag
Highest point be my chest
Pracitcally relaxed through the floor
Ayo I'm up on einstein's beach
Maxed out sippin GTs
ridin splatter black on neony yellow pimped out 3 mag GTs
I'm a ill fellow
put the melon to your dome like check the juxtaposition
Got a little tyke cooking set cookin in the kitchen
Stunt so hard I got buadrilliard smitten
Up anoither level never on man
Maximize this energy sonic boom whippin
Reducin the competiton through competitive resistance
To succomb to the pressures of inferior rhythms
Man I'm ridin on this ginger baker jaki leibzeit all rakha marshall mathers vision
Aint no carpet in it
Cause aint no floor here
man my homies cloud skatin
All my weed hash and now all my smoke vapin
Haters and fakers get nathan
I be extendin the love they so outrageous
These fools diss the fingernails of the hand that try to save them
Ay bitch I turn this hand to a fist
at the pop of stitch
so come save some fuckin time you think you leave the mic ripped
I evacuate your confidence eviscerate your lips
I take the notion of speech and man I own that
I take whatevers in reach and I disown that
Then put the words on the beat and exist in the moment
Frozen in perpetual motion
One with the universe all my words out of the open

Ay man we stay indoors
but this life still wild
my body lost in the storm it's gon be a long while
To the sun come around again
Ihold my head up through these clouds while the weather spin
Whether alone or in company I'm in a world of friends
So man I can't put it down till

Wake up in the morning and I'm hearin all these snares and kicks
Rambunxious snakes up in my head this music throw a hissyfit
I spit all this deliverance and evidence ridiculous
Kick it Parallel to dictionary flip these bars olympic dis
Mount and stand there muggin like yeah my skin is white but I'm macabbee get hip to this

I aint cookin pies
Man I'm cookin live time
Ridiculous rhymes like I've imbibed
An extract from mother goose's spine
And she dropped a lot of acid in her sexual prime
Track Name: young samson.
young samson
i keep my head bald
dont make me grow my motherfuckin hair long
Track Name: Master of Here
Wipe my dirty fucki, hands on my dirty fuckin jeans/
In this dirty fuckin life what's another stain to me/
And from this dirty fuckin mind/
These nasty raps and beats
Turn around and kick a habit through your skull and your teeth

Peep this shit it's called master of here/
Master the circle and you master the year/
From my mind to my mouth to the word to your ear/
I be fillin it up until the flood just appear/
And then be spillin the blood because my point too clear/
So I cloud it up for these fools
For these peons
Gangster rap intellect everest to tetons

Yall ill I'm the cure come and get it fuck heathens
See your soul teethin
Try to tell me that your cold but you froze
Claimin that you're real but you're blue screenin
But I'll be freddy with the deuce leave you real screamin
Fuckin planter peanut
Monopoly man
Sucka lord of the flies on rap island
I'm an entrepreneur and I'm in the business
Of getting my dick kissed
So while you bowed down beggin for forgiveness
Bitch purse your lips and put your mouth where the money where the family jewels is

Wipe my dirty fucki, hands on my dirty fuckin jeans/
In this dirty fuckin life what's another stain to me/
And from this dirty fuckin mind/
These nasty raps disgusting beats
Rappin I'm rabid I'm a hell of a beast
I turn around and kick this habit through your skull and your teeth

Why the fuck these fools think that peace means weak
What's a krill to a whale
Man a meal of the meak
Murkin and eatin and I do it to the beat
Son of Debbie Harry Dirty Bastard steez
Aint got a gram of fear for these rap entities
And out the whole mess aint a ounce of belief
Talkin pounds zipped up backpack in the streets
Got the zipcar stuffed full of humboldt green
My raps'll bust hearts hard arteries
talkin athletic bars or some Barnum and B
Circus type antics your lip full of breeze
You spit soft wind
I'm gon rap forever and never be exhausted
Infinite substance limited container
runnin it hard we aint want no remainder
Break it all down
break it all down
Break it all down yall
Break it all down
We aint runnin these streets
We ain runnin this town
We just runnin with the univer master of now
And master of now be the master of here
At the edge of the eye of the hurricane...
Screamin out what's fear?
I don't wanna end shit I just wanna endear
But the world aint all love and I aint bout to disappear
Track Name: Zachg with special guest Himself The Majestic - Master of Skin
Yeah we got skin
That we stuck in
But we aint stuck on colors we just brothers rappin
And when the shit ends
We aint gon be stuck cause we gon go transcend
Go transcend

Ok cracker that's not me
Hebrew not heeb
Not jew at least not to you
You can never understand what history do
What I had to do and what skin got to do
With that
So while the hash pass and I kick back and I spit raps
All they focus on is I aint black
That's some page
Where the ink at?
Blank face
Can't express the pain
For bein burned alive
So when the song get sang
Its a minor key in a major way
They made it right to be about hebrew hate
I make it right to be about death and life
I got a right to rap
Cause I been left to die
Put the right in rap lemme testify
If my flesh burn imma touch the sky
If they burn zachg I'm gon touch the sky
Track Name: Zachg with special guests Zelooperz, and Lofty - Master of Yes
*** woke up and my life was gone/
oh shit turn my life back on/
Only bout the money just to pay to keep these nikes on/
Yeah right sike bro play this song/
For goin in funny and goin in long/
We really bout the laughs and kicks bro GONG!!!!!

954 zipcode where that wild stay
Mosquitos so big you could fly away if she don't pull out then fly away
You'll be screamin in the air "oh god help me"
But there aint no god here is there
Just man and the wild what's in there
When the night come rollin its a big change
If there aint no light what's a safe day
Gon do when nature comes knockin
And it's 12 AM
What's poppin
And you swear them bushes haunted
And you lookin at the shadow like you swear you saw it
Move don't be stupid stay inside cause your body get abused
And your thin skin the only thing between the world and your blood
We sweatin in the dirt don't be confused by the mud
We take it down and dry it out and then gon rise up
I put my fist through time pull out the future and shout
As I stitch it to my past I'm in this shit like grout
Yo shit canned like you grouch and I'm fresh with these vegetables raw at the mouth

*** woke up and my life was gone/
oh shit turn my life back on/
Only bout the money just to pay to keep these nikes on/
Yeah right sike bro play this song/
For goin in funny and goin in long/
We really bout the laughs and kicks bro GONG!!!!!
Track Name: 21st Birthday
it's a story. just listen and the lyrics will be there.