Prostitutes' Yard Sale

by Silky Johnson and Zachg

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Silky Johnson made some beats, then Zachg did some raps, and these songs are what came out of it. Can you imagine what a bunch of prostitutos having a yard sale would be like? I hope someone would have a copy of this album in there, with a cover printed out on regular ass printer paper and it had a stain on it that made you think that it was a jozz stain, and whatever it was already creepy because you were looking through a bunch of things that prostitutes no longer wanted. And then it got strangely deep, and you thought of Magnolia. It's goin down.


released November 29, 2011

Silky: beats, and mix.

Zach: raps, and art.



all rights reserved


Zachg Honolulu, Hawaii

Rad Reef is Rad Reef.

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Track Name: Sittin In The Rebates
All these stories from old ages
All these books with burned out pages
They give us history with legitimacy
And then they shape what we take to be true
That's why I'm givin to me then I'm givin to her then I'm givin to you
Cause a life that dissents from a bad cloud
Be a rad drop in the bucket make a rad sound
You say we just rap but we changing the world
Couple raw young men laid back in the curl
Shootin that barrel no fish yall
Shit start different end the same like pall mall
What you think we built this wave for
I was sittin in traffic
Sittin in the car
Sittin in wherever all the rebates are
And then it hit me
I could be thirty or I could be fifty
Livin that life just a view
As long as all your actions true
And you love who you strive to be
Cause who you are just circumstance
But the change you become
And how you live now that's the real dance
Real waltz
Real limbo
Real dance dance revolution
Hooked up to 8 bit nintendo
Or better yet take the whole dancefloor
And create a world
Where you live by no bounds
they wrote the shackles in we gettin free with this sound

Track Name: Skate Or Die Bitch
What did it take
Only mostly all of everything
Will it hurt when it breaks
Omly as much as you put your heart in
I live the art in it
Touched the plaque ridden arthritic parts and chose not to barter with it
Not to bother with it
I kept on pressin
I caught on fire
Remebered lessons
Remained still emerged a more resplendent version of my previous impressions

I laid down measurees upon hard drives
Songs upon 2x cd-r's
years of my everything under the same stars
Not flippin the same bars
Or raisin the same heart
I came up out of everglades where nobody came at all so of course I came hard
When I stepped to the game
Cause aint no corner for nobody for rap bodies where I came
From once again
I say stepped up in this melee with nobody but me mane
So whatever I got
Wjatever I'm worth
Be the fruit of the labor as I cast off this dirt
Repel the hate and the hurt
You can believe I am tested
But there aint a chance in heaven that I'm givin a fuck
Turn a punk motherfucker into instant bitch dust
Just add hot water
So they talkin bout I'm rappin like I ever said I wanna
All that I remember skateboards hip hop marijuana
And not this famous rapper skate talk
I'm talkin bout that real walk
I go louie barletta not no simon fuckin woodstock
Andy mcdonald sucker kickflip in flip flops
Lame shit
Tom penny on a lame bitch
Drake jones with the tre flip
Nobody showed me the way man I made it
graduate to the mic from the pavement
And I rolled through the streets
To feel something more than what was given
And it wasn't just a sport it was the essence of my livin
It wasn't just a board it was my freedom bein ridden
And the freedom to push became the freedom to speak
And my tricks in a line became my word on a beat
And I brought to the rhyme what I picked up in the streets
What I picked up in the wetlands
Where I pickrd up anything that moved and learned its ways with my young hands

So you hearin what I'm claimin nah nah I bet you aint
But you talkin bout you skatin while you posin and you fake
You act like your a rapper
But you're a bad actor
And don't know shit of the word
Reside in the silence that comes after
And feel the space all around
Cause silence half of everything you refer to as sound
And in the midst of the image

That aint me
Track Name: Werner And Klaus
What you know about gettin high and gettin up
Smokin out an elevator puffin on that potent stuff
I know I know different but they think I don't know enough
So for better or for worse I gotta get with this jump
through all these hoops you can believe that it's rough
To be landin on the clock
Fallin from grace
Aint worked a job in a year yeah I'm broke but the pace
Is better than the rates I was payin to be workin
Cause the views so nice buts its obsucred and worthless
If my life just devoted to a schedule be a hermit
Of the soul I wanna glow
I wanna live right

like whales elephants tortoises and sloths
Gorillas, heavy metals, and cars under cloths
I remain and I'm level cause I'm long with the stalk
Broad with the leaf
Sweet with the flower
I survive off of life don't get paid by the hour
pitchin all the shit if I gotta when I get up
Cause my head full thoughts that I aint thought up
Cause I'm livin in a place where art aint enough
Everybody sees money but I can't see the stuff
Like I'm livin in the light above a cloud of sand
don't nobody see the signs cause they raisin they hand
To grab a piece of the pie
Or a piece of something higher
From somebody they admire
graspin for straws in a windstorm of liars
Everybody got one except me

I aint on a timeline this is straight time bendin
Some folks rip it but man I be mendin
Splendid and splendin here in the present
Aww man I'm high so I aint fuckin with the line

Werner and klaus chillin on the couch
Caterpillar centipede
Kangaroo mouse
Big lebowski beat the corvette out
Then ferris bueller put the shit back at the house
We all dancin on the grave of these dinosaurs
And they incredibly sore
Of powering the scores of things that run of gas
Bein the source of plastic used in goods that don't last
So I'm peelin back the money like a onion
Cuttin off remoras cause they lunchin
on what's to be your dinner
But anyways any frame I'm gon get the picture
Cause the simple things how you begin to be official
Don't drink booze I chief these peace missiles
Ride a bike don't got a car sometimes I get a rental
I'll be dippin changin lanes up the 101 central
north to north north
ipod hooked up with the eighth inch cord

Bumpin ghostface beach house and leonard cohen
Set a rad pace turn a teeter to some even motion
I complete these speakers like a whale complete the deepest ocean
Straight up hold the beat a minute I'm gon get it rollercoastin
Yeah I keep on droppin birthday party this unlimited tokens
All this popcorn just been popped. I guess we just gon eat a moment
Track Name: Prostitutes' Yard Sale
My oh my life sure long
So stop the statuc stop the noise
While they playing my song
While I'm hittin this shit out the pipe or the bong
The paper or the vapor man just fade that mess
We too fuckin busy bein to be carin bout the best
Rainin rapper bits and pieces as I'm clearin out my chest

Uh huh like wood teeth
I breathe the smoke of these trees
So naturally
I'm twistin bliss between my fingers I'm in oakland believe
I got that humboldt connect
Puffib headband I got that bass off in my tapedeck
Basically basin all this dopeness on my flow this aint a moment of music it's a molecule of an ocean
My soul so expansive and these words so focused
I open up my heart and spread this love that's the motive
But bet I swing that zatoichi
I don't dig negativity
So you think it's all good
You thinkin it's lunch meat
I remove your thinkin cap and touch your brain to the street
Touch your mind through the speakers if you speakin with me
Hell yeah I listen for the man woman and
We stay lettin it out
Like a whoopie cushion
And we stay gettin it in like a lady's hat pin
Fold a note put it in her pocket when she wasn't lookin
And then the day gon go
Right on by
But when she find that note she gon know that surprise
It aint so much that she hope so much as she surmise
Love can leave the future shown if you don't look outta your eyes

Hair in big curls
I might not marry these girls
But the point is living good and im merry with these girls
So whats it matter why you judgin if we is or isnt fuckin why you fussin why you frontin
Bout the pokin bout the motion that I'm layin in that ocean
The piece of me she holdin
The peace we beholdin
And got shit to do with betrothen
On the runway for truth
Aint takin off I'm disrobin
But don't think this shit bout showin
It's bout nothing to hide
Off of alligator alley dog I'm gnarly gnawgerhyde
And that shit for real through and through
Trill is trill
Rara aves in this bitch make it rain 2 dollar bills
Rad reef in this bitch and we got flowers to burn
Cause man the money been dead put them jacksons in that urn
Bob the price been wrong fucked my life took my turn
Got me barkin up these trees where there's little to learn
Nothin to earn and Less to see
An abundance of bodies and a handful of seats
So how the hell I aint just gon fuck and puff
When the tree aint bear fruit it's just a decoy it's stuffed