PMB HO​!​!

by Zachg

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released January 9, 2012




all rights reserved


Zachg Honolulu, Hawaii

Rad Reef is Rad Reef.

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Track Name: Black Noi$e and Zachggg - Psychedelic
What could it mean if everythings been seen
How many poison frogs on arrows to disrupt a scene
How many stones in a valley till it doint start with a 'v'
How many gallons in a hat before that cowboy can't see
Kapish on beats
Knish with mustrd seeds
Cold cola controller if I froze my weed
But fuck it pop another roll of iso 50
We shootin color slides for the saturation
Said fuck makin movies__and goin on vacation
We make moves document our lives and. Maintain the station
Broadcast comin in like 20/20
Crisp clear correct in 2012 fuck with me
Get it how we get it we puffin like loose chimneys
Put that fire on my soul and let the phoenix out
She put her fingers on her toes I let my penis out
But just to get it in bust and do it again
Come on compendium of cures fuckin treat everythin
And all I really wanna do is just live baby live
But all I really wanna do is just hit baby hit
And I'm down for makin moves if this realness lit
Smokin doobies and fools we keep the realness lit
For real this don't mean shit
Evaporated tears in an infinite mist

It's a fetus in the mind in the world its your kid

I slept on floors over nothin under roofs that's lids
Cause I was stuck up in somethin like some pits or ribs
So I done got to the cuttin
Crushin whatever was frontin
Like bitch!!
The fuck out my way!
On some lone wol and cub catch this babycart fade
Leave baby daddies amazed
Cause I'm old in the cycles but I'm young with the age
And it's either hell or hades bbut on earth we call it rage
Focus on the story fuck the ink and the page
Call it what you wanna call it but respect this wave
Cause all this mess that we holdin turn rap to mass graves

Keep on it.
Track Name: Black Noi$e and Zachggg - Mouse
Check the tags I'm super bad
Rare as fuck and dipped in swag
Too much piff for just one bag
Too much pimpIn for just one dad
Lay this down girl lay you out
Only one thang this dick about
More than one thang this mouth about
So many ways that I rep that south
I wanna be close enough to hear them sexual sounds
Like *wet pussy soiunds*

I like it when your eyes roll back
Like it when you tell me to beat it and look back
Like it when I leave and you call me come back
Like it when I bust then you eat it bring me back

You want it slow we take it slow
Before I'm in that thang girl the whole place soaked
Get the pussy crazy hot and leave your guts all smoked

I'm talkin slow cookin
Soul food pussy movin
Sex game guess who I'm bout to put this clue in
Have you screamin out my name girl I'm the only one who do it
To you..(Ungh)..quite like this
I know all the right spots and I know all the dyke tricks
I give you that dum dum head make you pop with less licks
Face all in your coochie and my hands on your hips
Fistful of sheets mouth goin oh and my tongue between your lips

I lick the walls like I'm augustus gloop
Eat it up like chilled tropical fruit
On a hot day
Chin all drippin when I'm through
Then the fun start
Leanin through your curves strokin through that pink arch
Girl you know I ride magic motion on those pink parts
Master of the pink arts
Holder of this pink heart
Red wings
Freak things
Pop it for a g cause girl I eat things
But Believe I'm fixin lunch yeah whatever you want
Weed in the top drawer smoke what you want
Cause see I'm strictly bout the pleasure girl whatever you want
Promise your portion of the potion gon be potent enough
And the places that we go only confined by your mind
So I give you this head till your head blow off
Suck that clit till your spine go soft
Track Name: Black Noi$e and Zachggg - Burp
I wake up
Drink this water out this cup
Flip the match and touch the hash take a long deep puff
Grab the tincture put them drops under my tongue
Get to Chewin on an eadible then spark another one
It's just another day livin this american dream
Rappin makin beats kinda starvin slangin weed
Too much on my plate for me to fuck with the lean
And I got too much on my back to let some fool make me bleed
I'm just southern boy smoked out
Scrapin by in cali every day completely smoked out
Clever with the word
Compelling when I'm heard
Pocket full of loud cause my pocket full of birds (rare bird!)
Ay man I'm smokin on a pound
dog my duffel game absurd
That means if you don't rap you could still get served
It aint even when I rap cause I'm in life odd
I'm keepin florida on the map like a full time job
And it's an honor makin real rap music for so long
Aint no lies in the lines if you go back trace my songs
You see the picture revealed
I been one with the ether while these suckas congealed
I make no moves on paper
All my moves in straight paper
Ghost in the machine eatin leaves breathin vapor
Smokin flowers every hour bout my swag like darth vader
Cold crushin the shit
And I aint gotta touch a thing to fuckin rock this bitch
And I aint need no fuckin lighter cause the hash stay lit
Make the fire burn higher stoke the flames when I spit
Go home with your girl do somethin extra on the clit

Keep on it.
Track Name: Black Noi$e and Zachggg - HO!!
Press play
See what the fuck happen
High propagate clouds rain down wave rappin
On a vertical axis girl you good then we good
Hit the sheets and make magic
Hit the pipe a hash addict
And CBN and CBG
And I be so deep in the green I swear my fate high
And I be so deep in the green I swear my fate high
Bad guy say bye bye
24/7 go so hard
That it turn to 8/25
World on highlander shit
Where it's murder don't die
But when the body drop don't nobody grow more wise
I grew up under skies
Painted colors oh so tropical
Grew up out of lines for the colors where it's tropical
My daddy brokered lives for the forsaken and untouchable
And even though my skin is white surprise I never felt it though
Cause jews was niggers too and in this world it's still so palpable
I stay
Struck in the face
By the harshest reality of humans and hate
And they don't see that I'm a moinster cause I keep it grape ape

But chill (distant breathy)
Zach chill...

Abidin so much ignorance but fuck it what we high for?
That shit just fuckin up my high bro
Airwalkin like michael
Tongue come oiut to crush em with the ease call it flight club
When all these apple scruffs wanna ride up
I let em in like...

Ayyy check this 3 wheel motion
Fry that donut for a g and I'll fill it with this potion
got a feelin that she open like the ozone
Show her the dick and for sure she aint go cold no

Flash your life befor your eyes but in slowmo
Let's go warpin next level
Every time a job paid off it was a job where I embezzled
Or straight up stole
And call it what you want but circumstance aint my control
I just take the dice and roll
And shake em while I get it and I never let em go
Cause a chance aint goin wrong if it aint taken
And all the wrongs I did was for flour cause I'm bakin
But you stealin on some bread and the hounds gon be awakened
There's a smart side of crime that don't exist on videotapes and
There's a cat burglar type for any kind of break in
Smash your window clone the clicker for that garage door
Steal some useless nothin and you cryin "why's it gone for?"
Meanwhike let a cool week pass
And when you off to work we gon slide right in and cold hearted clean that ass
Out completely
Walk a clean line but you aint know where my feet be
In the off time and you aint seen what my eyes see
So don't call mines
You better ask mines
Stop frontin
Or catch a porcupine to the stomach
What happens when nature starts stuntin?

Cause my head over the clouds black noise and zach jeezy
Keep on it.