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Main Attrakionz' recent notoriety has brought credence to the term cloud rap. Be it by coincidence or intention the title has stuck because it's apt. But oddly enough Oakland is also home to a previous incarnation of cloud rap: cLOUDDEAD. In the same place, but another time Anticon cornerstone Odd Nosdam crafted the beats for a collection of 10"s that were previously unheralded. Much like Main Attrakionz are doing in popular hip hop, Odd Nosdam and labelmate/co-founder Jel helped to pioneer new possibilities in hip hop.

It would be inaccurate to claim that Main Attrakionz were influenced by Anticon. But it would also be inaccurate to portent that they haven't been influenced by Anticon. In the odd and often circuitous world of music it's tough to imagine that the influence of cLOUDDEAD has not somehow made it's way to Squadda and Mondre. And so, in an effort to connect two very different, but very similar sounds Rad Reef and Zachg facilitated a collaboration between Jel and Main Attrakionz. The recording session was further rounded out with 2 Zachg beats, and the circle was closed when Odd Nosdam remixed one of these Zachg tracks.

The result as you might expect, is both familiar and new. But, it's truly up to the listeners, and these 2 divergent but convergent audiences to decide what the outcome of this collaboration is. Does it offer a possible genealogical alteration for the Main Attrakionz, or a potential renaissance of Jel and Odd Nosdam? As the facilitators and participants we can only draw conclusions based on what we've done, and we can assure you that we had fun making art together.


released March 2, 2012

Beats: Jel, and Zachg.

Raps: Main Attrakionz, with special guest appearance by Zachg.

Recorded by: Zachg.

Mix: Jel and Odd Nosdam on "So Whut" and "Chap 3"; Zachg on "Jaybar", and "Take Her Shoppin".

Master: Matthew David.



all rights reserved


Zachg Honolulu, Hawaii

Rad Reef is Rad Reef.

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