by BK Beats x Zachg

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Your carbon or your life, which will it be?


released February 10, 2012




all rights reserved


Zachg Honolulu, Hawaii

Rad Reef is Rad Reef.

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Track Name: BK Beats x Zachg - Boomerang
1 2 never get it like I aint had it
Been smooth been raw been tragic
Been wild bendin corners like a habit
My magic gon get the fabric tear it open showin god damn it
Who the fuck this man is
Represent the force young wild like I force all this bad backwards
I rip a real live hurricane shinobi with the shurikens
Spit the kind of raps that straight demolish puritans
Take my fuckin children and I banish them to foolishness
I represent I'm throwin the fuckin tools
In the abyss

Let's dance
I fuckin smack you fuckin face off
Nicholas cage bitch shake you for crack rocks
And have xzibit fuckin duff you cause we duff you like duffin like duff you ol duff ass
Yeah bitch you sad so lookin with your lookin ass
See me eleveat a fuckin everglades whoopin ass
Comin hard out the back of the can like 2 oscars
Bout to eat the whole game like 2 fat oascars
Eat the whole tank ilke I'm folk with the rockbiter
Get high?
Nah man I'm star smiter
Dump the ash of my hash pipe in the
In your bitch's ass pipe
Smolke thaty

I aint playin vitch smoke that
Cause right now? Right now
You fuckin with low cash
Nah nah man this that fuckin low cash
So come and see me we gon see who bout that low cash
Come and find me man I'm waitin with that low cash
Aint need a burner bitch I'm burnin for that low cash
You aint seen shit trick imma freeak this
Freak it for that low cash
I'm a gentleman. I aint ever grab but I smash for that low cash
Get stupid get jooky gon gas for that low cash
Mob no sob nature wavbe for that low cash
Sortahuman out the grave for that low cash
We in the library of the book of the page off that low low low cash
Like pits of coral down in metro zu low cash
Arebs in connecticut is low cash
Man Im feelin fuck a headache man that's low cash
All sauce no spaghettin man that's low cash
All rocks aint heavy man that's low cash
Little food in the belly man that's low cash
But fuck it cause we eatin man that's low cash
Track Name: BK Beats x Zachg - Dont Kill The Messenger
Peace missiles
Peace missiles
We chief these peace missiles

Unggh one two with the legos
Zach the maniac buildin somethin
Till it settles
Rap game pinnochios call me dad
I'm ill with the gepetto
Strong enough to bench press a pool of heavy metals
Smart enough to know you get hash from trimmed pedals
High enough to see that the world still needs rebels
Brave ebough to speak without bass and treble
But live enough to bang these beats on this level

Flow so seditionary
Fresh jive served up over tunes that it legendary

But even legends get forgotten
Yall Forgot before the corner was the spot
Herc got the block rockin
Before the rise of rock bambaataa
Knew what was poppin
And the shit was bout life not a choice of some topics
Runnin over ice catchin tags in the cold
Huntin down tunes that you don't even know
Bustin down fools with your crew in a row
While you out front lettin windmills go
I got that pinwheel flow
Man I am so in the wind
Travelin through space fools on earth and they spin
Travellin with grace over miles million
Track Name: BK Beats x Zachg - Bubbly
I'm on that desperate time shit
Quantum leap in a pinch
But I aint got no sam it's samus aran
In this bitch
I'm at the edge of the abyss
With my toes in
Can't feel nothin because the truth paper thin
And I done had to fight and struggle just to keep this pen
I don't legislate
And fuck a paperweight
Writin my story as a bantamweight heavyweight
Spirit out the frame so they don't measure my greatest weight
But ok back to tangible
Rhyme style animal
Favorite meal cannibal
So of course I'm head hunted they don't wanna see me shine
I got my mind out
Satellite reflect and find out
Hubble I divine out set the sign out
Step aside out
And dingo
Laughin hyena laughin
Aye aye
Porch with lemonada ade
Tea and some old sweety
Samosa lamb meaty
Sweet like jagerty ty
Kapish we complete the compulsion freely
Call it art and go hard or call it nothin and be supple
Call your god my god
Because we float when it crumble
Mad humble
Off the humble up in humboldt
Mendo on the red coast forest where it settle
Peace keep it level
Some bitter like nettle
But I been reppin rap since my seed's firt pedal
Cause I be wantin freedom from the world
Before I lego
Track Name: BK Beats x Zachg - Peter
Ok uh pleasure in the center
Flesh on the sides wipe me down when I enter
Many years I fear drownin get it wetter and wetter
Sexually speakin everything got a reason
Every woman got a pleasure every fruit got its season
At least once
Orgasm in the evening's pre_nup
All we do is laugh
But I still beat it up
Bustin all night girl I'm fillin that cup
Cuttin that trim
Kneadin them guts
Till I seize and freeze up
Then you geez louise up
And Ill be eatin fish tacos like there's never enough
Hangin roast beef curtains till the sunrise up
Suck your smarts out your pussy till you dumb right up
And juimp through the window
Get up out that glass do my dick like nintendo
But I aint so finnicky
Get a whale
Ask him to mimic me
Do it for the livingry
Bucky ball on em
I go buck on lil chickens till the sky fall on em
Style so southern grind it out on the dancefloor
Dick in my pants go hard on the dancefloor
Hey girl can you pop that
Throw it back bust it open
Pick it up___
Then drop that
Live a bit of little richard girl bop that bop that

East west up and down
See you subtley dressed
In this loud ass town
Lay my head on your breast
I got your heart figured out
And its more than just sex if you let it leak out
Breathe in while you speakin
Change the range of the sound
Ask you how you want it and you tell me and I'll do it
I'll be there in the moment or be gentle or go stupid
True tales we in the ocean for the movement
Come catch this whale in your bay
Track Name: BK Beats x Zachg - NM
Loooong life can't work enough
Looong nights I work it off
Smart guy brain aint enough
Closed eyes my brain aint off

These are the true tall confessions of the everglades
On the river of grass its that forever wave
And if you mappin the math it's where my zero lay
Wherer if you lookin for flash you aint gon see the maze
But if you lookin for the rarest shit to ever last you'll be amazed
Palmetto to the pompano
Strange tracks
Strange habits
Off of strange racks
Strange boy with a head full of strange facts
Strange madness with a strange understanding of the word relax
strained misunderstanding with
World and its inhabitants
He hear the beat move his feet
But they don't call it dance
They call him wack
Play him outta phase
Call him names but don't call him back
Heart stain on his sleeve constant reminder that
He small enough to slip through any kind of crack

Body mind soul aint shit if you aint famous
If you a diamond in the rough then only death gon buff that rough out
If you a diamond in the rough then only death gon buff that rough out
They asked to see my jewelery and I point the rust out
They point and laugh
I bring the motherfuckin crush out
Respect the art
Respect the craft
These aint no copies man we carin for the artifacts
These aint just words we all the ark of the covenant
Sacred and holy once its gone you can't grow it back
They show respect they put the g on zach

But he don't know you gotta risk it all to escape danger
So he lay low
Be peace in a big container
Divide the scraps and generous with the remainder